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Du Xi


I was born in an art-loving family. When I was 4 years old, my mother took me together to Beijing for her oil painting study. And we lived there with my mother’s brother, uncle ShangDing, who taught Art in a high-class institute of Art. There were a lot of colorful morning glories outside my mother’s classroom in which I often played with strings of morning glories in the hands. Influenced by other people’s drawing around me, by the beautiful colors of paintings and by the smelling of turp (a kind of cheap medical oil as an alterative of the expensive mixing paint oil ), I was getting more and more in fond of drawing. At the beginning of my drawing, my objects are what I saw, what I experienced and where I went. Nevertheless what I most like to draw was automobiles because my father’s company sold all kinds of autos at that time. The American animation “The transformers” began to perform and suddenly became a fad when I was in junior class 2. What children were discussing and playing is nothing but the characters that can change their shapes into many kinds of automobiles. And I was crazy about this, due to the great enlightenment and imagination it can bring to me. My students extremely favored a number of my drawings of the “transformers” painted from many different visual angles. Since I need a real Transformer doll for painting, I started to accumulate money, from pennies to bucks. As a result, I got more and more changes in my drawers while my drawings became better and better, from single color to multi color, from tiny pages to huge pages even been painted onto T-shirts. In those days, as long as I had time, drawing was my favorite hobby and my “works” was showed on my family’s wall. After I graduated from middle school, I entered the subsidiary high school of Yunnan art institute with the No.1-high score of professional test. In the high school, I adopted systematically foundational courses while the oil painting fascinated me greatly at my first touch with it. Years later, I was enrolled into the Yunnan art institute and arranged to the department of art, major oil-painting. I studied in a workroom that majored in the modern expressionism, however I performed much of works so incompatible with it, due to what most influenced my extremely in my past drawing career was the realistic style of my uncle’s pieces. I believe that I am a person who is more rational than perceptual, at the same time perfectively pursuing success, so perhaps the rational oil painting can suit me better at present. I adore my uncle very much, and I wish I could be an outstanding like him. Meanwhile, I will never stop discovering and seeking the differences between my paintings and my uncles’.

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