Guest Artist


Shang Qian


I was born on the 17th of November 1946 in Henan Province, China. My father was a journalist and a well-known calligrapher and my mother was chairman of the workers union of a local government enterprise. My father's news reports and photos aroused my interest in painting and exerted a subtle and unconscious influence on the rest of my life. I have devoted myself to the self-study of painting and have achieved a good mastery of painting. My two brothers, Shang Jin and Shang Ding are both accomplished artists and I have also benefited from their mutual influence and professional exchanges. My paintings have been highly regarded by my teachers and others around me since I was a boy. I greatly esteem nature and I have always believed in the rule that only the spontaneous outpouring and reproduction of nature is the soul of my paining, and that the natural world is wonderful and eternal and is the major creative source of my painting. In recent years my paintings have been successful shown in various galleries, i.e. The
New Masters Gallery
in California, 2000, the Kunming Museum Exhibition, 2001 and the Lanning Gallery in Arizona, 2002

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