2000 Artists of America ,Denver. Colorado
1999 Artists of America.Denver.Colorado
Oil Painters of America.Scoottsdale. AZ
1998 Artists of America,Denver Colorado
Oil Painters of America,San Antonio,TX
1997 Oil Painters of America, Taos, New Mexico.
Artists of America, Denver, Colorado
Breckenridge Gallery, Colorado: One Man Show
1996 Artists of America, Denver, Colorado
Quast Galleries, New Mexico: Chinese Artists Show
1995 Artists of America, Denver, Colorado
Breckenridge Galleries, Colorado: One Man Show
Miniatures 95, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Oil Painters of America, San Antonio Texas
1994 Artists of America, Denver, Colorado
Quast Galleries, New Mexico: Chinese Artists Show
Miniatures 94, Minneapolis, Minnesota
1993 Breckenridge Galleries, Colorado: One Man Show
Quast Galleries, New Mexico: Chinese Artists Show
1991 Breckenridge Galleries: One Man Show
1990 Breckenridge Galleries: Three Man Show (Shang, Chapel, Brown)
1989 Western Colorado Center for the Arts: One Man Show, 90 paintings
Greenwich Workshop, Connecticut: Chinese Artists Show


1994 Taiwan Art Museum, Taiwan
1988 Asian Art Gallery Exhibition, Beijing
1987 Selected Exhibitions in India and Kuwait
Shanghai Art Museum: Oil paintings from all of China
Chinese National Art Museum, Beijing
1986 Nationwide Military Subject Art Exhibition, Beijing: 2 paintings
Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing: 2 paintings
Japans Nine City Show: 2 paintings
1985 Chinese National Art Museum: Bronze Medal
1984 Bejing Oil Painting Show: 2 paintings
Sixth Nationwide Art Exhibition: Bronze Medal
1983 Tibet-Sichuan Sketch Show
Yunnan Exhibition of Sketches, Kunming
1982 Museum of Chinese Military History, Beijing
Army Art Academy Show, Beijing: Sketches Done at the Front-line, 20 paintings
1981 Chinese National Art Museum: Sketches Done at the Front Line
Chinese National Art Museum: Silver Medal
Zhejiang Province Art Show: Gold Medal
1980 Zhejiang Art Academy: 20 paintings
1979 Zhejiang Art Academy Show in Xingjiang Province, 20 paintings
1977 China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
1975 All-China Art Exhibition, Beijing: 2 paintings
1974 All-China Art Exhibition
1973 Yunnan Province Art Exhibition
1972 Yunnan Province Art Exhibition


Ningbo Municipal Museum, China
Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO U.S.A
Chinese National Art Museum, Beijing: 2 paintings
Museum of Chinese Military History, Beijing China
War Memorial Hall, Beijing China
Jingang Mountain Memorial Hall, Jiangxi China


2005 My Painting, My Life: Shang Ding Collection, (Publication Pending)
2001 Subtle Balanc, Southwest Art Magazine, November
2000 Contemprary Realism Collection Denver Art Museum
1999 A Universal Language Art of The West July/August
1997 The Chinese Connection: Art of The West January/February
The Chinese Wave of Skill and Talent: Art- Talk february
1996 SHANG DING: Stone Shoes
1994 Much A Do About Something Auction The Denver Art Museum
1994 Chinese Painters Showing in the U. S: Art -Talk April/May
1989 SHANG DING: Westlife/Arts The Daily Sentinel
1988 A Study of Contemporary Nude Art, a book on figure painting
1987 Peoples Liberation Army Pictorial Magazine
1986 Chinese Arts Magazine
Peoples Liberation Army Film Studio - newsreel about Shang Ding
1985 Oil Painting In China; 1700 to 1985 (history of oil painting in China)
The Selected Art Works of the Chinese P.L.A.
1982 New Chinese Art: 1976 to 1982
1974 Selection of Fine Art Works
Chinese Ministry of Postal and Telecommunications issued a Special Stamp of the painting: 'Fighting Continuously'


2000 Artists of America PEOPLE'S CHOICE Award
1997 American National Gallery Award of Excellence for the sixth National Show, Orbanized by the Oil painters of America
1988 Who's Who in Chinese Art
1986 Excellent Work Prize - Nationwide Military Subject Art Exhibition
1985 Third Prize, International Youth Year Nationwide Art Exhibition
1984 Bronze Medal, Sixth Nationwide Art Exhibition
1981 Gold Medal, Zhejiang Province Art Show
Silver Medal, Chinese National Art Museum


2004 Visiting Scholar, KunMing Artists Association and KunMing Municipal Museum
1990 Western Colorado Center for the Arts: Various oil painting lectures
1988 Lecture, Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts
1981-1988 Peoples Liberation Army Academy of Art: Professor of Art
1988 Central Academy of Art, Beijing: Professor of Oil Painting
1985 Chinese Art Symposium - presented paper and speech to 70 famous Chinese Artists.


2004 Visiting profrssor, Yun Nan Fine Art Institute
1981 Received Masters Degree from the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts
1975-1977 Studied at the Oil Painting Department of China Central Academy of Art

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